16 100M POE+2GE Gigabit uplink+1 Gigabit SFP port switch

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CT-16FEP+2GE+SFP switch is equipped with 16*10/100MPOE ports. A single POE port provides 30W power output and supports multiple protocols: IEEE802.1X, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.3ad, IEEE802.3af/at. Provides 2*10/100/1000M RJ45 uplink interface and 1*10/100/1000M SFP interface to connect higher bandwidth uplink equipment. Using store-and-forward technology, each switch port supports self-adaptation. It can be used in campus network, security monitoring and other scenarios.

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16 + 2 + 1Port Gigabit POE switch This is a high performance, low power consumption of 100 megabytes of Ethernet POE switch, is the primary choice of small LAN group. It offers 16*10 / 100Mbp s RJ45 port ports with 2*10 / 100M / 1000M RJ45 ports and 1*10 / 100M / 1000M SFP that can be used to connect upstream devices with higher bandwidth. Store-forwarding technology is adopted to ensure that the bandwidth is effectively allocated to each port. Fully connected to a working group or server for easy plug and play, this flexible blocking-free architecture can not be limited by bandwidth and media networks. The switch supports full duplex working mode, each switching port supports adaptive function, the port adopts storage and forwarding mode, the product performance is superior, simple to use, convenient and intuitive, providing an ideal networking solution for working group users or small LAN.



◆ Support for the IEEE 802.1Q VLAN

◆ Full and half duplex operation using IEEE 802.3X x flow control and reverse pressure

◆ Support 9216 bytes giant packet length forwarding on wire speed

◆ Supports the 96-entry ACL rules

◆ Support for IEEE802.3 af / at

◆ Support for IVL, SVL, and and IVL / SVL

◆ Supports the IEEE 802.1x access control protocol

◆ Support for IEEE 802.3az EEE (Energy-Efficient Ethernet)

◆ Supports the 25M clock, and the RFC MIB counter



Chip scheme


Standards / protocols

IEEE 802.1Q , IEEE 802.1x,IEEE 802.3ad,IEEE802.3 af/at

Network media

10B ASE-T: Unshielded 3,4,5 twisted pair (100m)

100B ASE-TX / 100B ASE-T: over 5, over 5 (maximum 100m)

1000B ASE-TX / 1000B ASE-T: twisted pair above Class 6 (max. 100m)


1610 / 100M RJ45 ports (Auto Negotiation / Auto MDI / MDIX)

210 / 100M / 1000M RJ45 ports (Auto Negotiation / Auto MDI / MDIX)

110 / 100M / 1000 MSFP


The UP-LINK port is any port

Forward mode


The MAC address is null volume


exchange capacity


Package forwarding rate


Package cache


Giant frame


pilot lamp


Power. System (Power: red light) The status of the indicator light is: red

Each port

Link / Activity (Link / Act: green) access the signal status: orange when the network and POE are connected at the same time; red with POE without network, green for network without POE.


AC: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz Built-in DC52V, 330W

Power pin

(1/2) +,(3/6)-

The POE port has the output power

30W (single-port MAX)

Speed limit function

Speed limit 10M (Downlink port)

quiescent dissipation

Maximum: W (220V / 50Hz)

service environment

Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 70℃ (32 ℉ ~127 ℉)Storage temperature: -40℃ ~85℃ (-97 ℉ ~142 ℉)Working humidity: 10%~90% without condensationStorage humidity: 5%~95% condensation

Customized service operating system profile dimensions


(LWH) housing material

Standard Hardware Case

Case size





This POE switch is widely used in small LANs:Network surveillance, wireless networks, retail and catering venues


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16 100M POE+2GE Gigabit uplink+1 Gigabit SFP port switch


16*10/100M POE port; 2*10/100/1000M uplink port;1*10/100/1000M SFP port ;external power adapter


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