The differences and characteristics between GBIC and SFP

SFP (SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE) is an upgraded version of GBIC (Giga Bitrate Interface Converter), and its name represents its compact and pluggable feature. Compared with GBIC, the size of SFP module is greatly reduced, about half of GBIC. This compact size means that SFP can be configured with more than double the number of ports on the same panel, greatly increasing port density. Although the size is reduced, the functions of the SFP module are basically the same as the GBIC and can meet a variety of network needs. To facilitate memory, some switch manufacturers also call SFP modules "miniature GBIC" or "MINI-GBIC".


1.25Gbps 1550nm 80 Duplex SFP LC DDM Module

As the demand for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) continues to grow, the demand for miniaturized optical signal transceivers (Transceivers) is also becoming increasingly strong. The design of the SFP module takes this into full consideration. Its combination with the PCB does not require pin soldering, making it more convenient to use on a PC. In contrast, GBIC is slightly larger in size. Although it is also in side contact with the circuit board and does not require soldering, its port density is not as good as SFP.

As an interface device that converts gigabit electrical signals into optical signals, GBIC adopts a hot-swappable design and is highly interchangeable and international standard. Due to its interchangeability, gigabit switches designed with GBIC interface occupy a large share of the market. However, the cabling specifications of the GBIC port require attention, especially when using multimode fiber. Using only multimode fiber may result in saturation of the transmitter and receiver, thereby increasing the bit error rate. In addition, when using 62.5 micron multimode fiber, a mode adjustment patch cord must be installed between the GBIC and the multimode fiber to ensure optimal link distance and performance. This is to comply with IEEE standards, ensuring that the laser beam is emitted from a precise location off-center to meet the IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseLX standard.

In summary, both GBIC and SFP are interface devices that convert electrical signals into optical signals, but SFP is more compact in design and is suitable for scenarios that require higher port density. GBIC, on the other hand, occupies a place in the market due to its interchangeability and stability. When choosing, you should decide which type of module to use based on actual needs and scenarios.

Post time: Mar-18-2024

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