CeiTaTech-ONU/ONT equipment installation requirements and precautions

To avoid equipment damage and personal injury caused by improper use, please observe the following precautions:

(1)Do not place the device near water or moisture to prevent water or moisture from entering the device.

(2)Do not place the device in an unstable place to avoid falling and damaging the device.

(3)Make sure that the power supply voltage of the device matches the required voltage value.

(4)Do not open the device chassis without permission.

(5)Please unplug the power plug before cleaning; Do not use liquid cleaning.

Installation environment requirements

ONU equipment must be installed indoors and ensure the following conditions:

(1)Confirm that there is enough space where the ONU is installed to facilitate heat dissipation of the machine.

(2)ONU is suitable for operating temperature 0°C — 50°C, humidity 10% to 90%. Electromagnetic environment ONU equipment will be subject to external electromagnetic interference during use, such as affecting the equipment through radiation and conduction. The following points should be noted:

The equipment workplace should be away from radio transmitters, radar stations, and high-frequency interfaces of power equipment.

If outdoor lighting routing measures are required, subscriber cables typically need to be aligned indoors.

Device installation

ONU products are fixed-configuration box-type devices. On-site equipment installation is relatively simple. Just place the device

Install it in the designated location, connect the upstream optical fiber subscriber line, and connect the power cord. The actual operation is as follows:

1. Install on the desktop. Place the machine on a clean workbench. This installation is relatively simple. You can observe the following operations:

(1.1)Ensure the workbench is stable.

(1.2)There is enough space for heat dissipation around the device.

(1.3)Do not place objects on the device.

2. Install on the wall

(2.1)Observe the two cross-shaped grooves on the ONU equipment chassis, and change them to the two screws on the wall according to the position of the grooves.

(2.2)Gently snap the two originally selected mounting screws into the aligned grooves.Slowly loosen so that the device hangs on the wall with the support of the screws.


Post time: Mar-21-2024

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